About FertAid
Fertaid was established in 2002 to provide online services to IVF. Initially this was based upon delivery of an online external quality control programme in Andrology, Embryology and Follicle scanning. More recently, Fertaid via a sister web site and weekly newsletter delivery called IVFDaily sought to keep IVF personal uptodate with recent publications. From this developed the concept of an online professional development service at IVFCPD. Finally Fertaid has developed an online total anonymous KPI benchmark and management tool at IVFBenchmark.
Together, these tools hope to provide services in quality and education management to any IVF Clinic.
  Key features of QAPonline
  Monthly assessment for Andrology, Embryology and Ultrasound
  Individual Quality Performance
  Clinic wide supervision for performance review, accreditation and competency
  Multiple laboratories under the one quality supervisor
  One annual subscription
  Key Feature of IVFDaily
  Includes recent publications and news items
  Weekly news distribution delivered to all registered staff
  Selected topical news and commentaries
  Focused mail groups
  Selected links tagged for registered users for reference and CPD minutes
  Key Features of IVFCDP
  Provides a variety of tools for education and ongoing professional development
  Programmed leaning modules, reviews, commentaries, Q&A, crosswords
  Users enroll and on completion of each activity, accrue CPD minutes that can be submitted to professional bodies for consideration of CPD points
  Aims to develop topic ranging from the basic subjects for new IVF Staff to topical subjects IVF Staff need to know.
  Coordinated with IVFDaily
  Key Features of IVFBenchmark
  After Fertaid registration, totally anonymous separate logon and password to IVFBenchmark
  Allows individual clinics to select from preset KPI or develop unique KPI tools
  Allows monthly data submissions over all KPI
  Allow automatic or pre-set KPI reference ranges
  Allows KPI data to be reviewed against selected WestGard rules for continuity or deviation - both warning and action levels
  Allows modest KPI to KPI comparisons
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